Drew – For being caring towards others and working very co-operatively with her fellow students when doing group work.

Nash – for always looking out for his peers and making sure the classroom is a friendly and happy place.

Ada – For showing persistence and determination when learning to tell the time to the quarter hour.

Grace – For consistently displaying the school values in the classroom and the school yard.

Deakin – For showing fantastic cooperation skills when painting the rebound wall last week.

Anthony – For being a positive leader when helping others practice and refine their cricket skills during break times.



Cale – For writing an interesting recount of our Cup Day activities and being able to spell most of the words correctly.

Eliza – For working hard in every lesson to achieve her personal best.

Matilda – For creating a very entertaining and humorous comic based on the book ‘Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus.’

Sam D – For working hard to develop his understanding of division.

Sam L – For using her punctuation when writing her narrative piece “The Day I Saved Bendigo’s Energy Crisis”

Zane, Thomas, Nadia Angus & Katya – For working co-operatively in a team to confidently deliver a respectful Remembrance Day Service.