Brock – For arriving at school bright and early and helping to prepare the classroom for our day by putting down the chairs and organising his reading folder.

Baylee – For being a friendly and cooperative member of the class who makes an effort to get along with all of her peers.

Nash – For consistently showing all of our school values in the classroom and the yard and being a positive leader.

Luke – For always making sure his peers are feeling happy and supported in the classroom environment. Luke continues to show the school values through all that he does. Great Work Luke.

Charlotte – For displaying exceptional resilience after falling in the yard and then having a great attitude at Gym.

Jodi – For listening attentively during the guest speaker presentation made by our local Member of Parliament, Jacinta Allan



Charlee – For being very prepared on her News day and being able to talk about and share her treasures in an interesting and informative way.

Lauren – For making an excellent effort in Maths to improve her addition skills

Darby – For persisting with his classroom work, to become an independent learner. Keep it up Darby!

Sofia – For being full involved in the discussions with Jacinta Allen. Sofia posed some fantastic questions to Jacinta which created a great discussion and insight into Jacinta’s role. Amazing Work Sofia.

Sam C – For doing a wonderful job with his home reading and completing his diary.

Kurtis – For working hard to improve his reading comprehension through daily discussions and the answering of questions.