The audience could not have been prouder!! We have many amazing performers within our student group.

Last night we hosted our end of year Music Performance Night. Throughout the year, many students have taken the chance to develop and strengthen their musical skills and were able to contribute as part of an amazing overall performance.

The students, be they beginners or experienced musicians, should be really proud of what they were able to achieve. We were very proud of how they were able to manage their nerves, focus on what they learnt and were then able to relax and just enjoy the performance.

From individual instrumental instruction, to small group performances to now the opportunity to perform as part of the band, we have provided a real pathway for musically inclined students and also set them up well for secondary college performance opportunities later on.

Out thanks go out to Jo Woodward (Guitar), Lou McGregor (Singing), David Dewar (Drums), Rachel Mav, (Keyboard) Michelle Caldwell (Choir) and Kaine Marsh (Rock Band) for their guidance and support shown to the students during the year.

An extra thanks to Kaine and David for providing such great sound – a very professional sounding performance.

A big thanks also to our audience who provided great encouragement and celebrated the successes of all our performers.